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Press Room

  • Disaster Recovery Planning...Safeguarding Your Business

    A Disaster Recovery Plan is the safeguard to your business data.  Without proper disaster recovery planning in place, a firm can be left with nothing but delays, expenses in trying to recover the lost data, angry clients and lost revenue.

  • Recession - Friend or Foe?

    We as people are all effected by our surroundings. If this known statement is true, then why should we treat our businesses any different? Businesses are built, with the basic principal of providing a quality service or product, while earning a profit.

  • Buyer Beware! Not all Systems Are Created Equal

    If you are new to the market or exploring software options for the first time, choosing the right claims management system can easily become overwhelming. This article highlights some of the important factors when reviewing the "fine print" in the agreement terms.

  • Business Planning and Market Strategy

    Business strategy is the foundation of every successful business.

  • Industry Leaders

    Famous Quote "Success is looking at what others are doing and doing something different..." How do companies become industry leaders? Was it just good luck or did the leaders of that company have the vision and strategies put in place to get to the top?

  • Calculating ROI (Return on Investment)

    What is ROI? Return on Investment is one of many ways to evaluate a proposed investment. It compares the gains anticipated from an investment against the cost of the investment.

  • The Direction Of Claims Technology

    As a part of the Virtual Claims Adjuster development process, we first took on the task of researching the insurance claims industry in order to determine which direction the industry was headed. Our goal was to determine how to best assist companies who wanted to move their businesses forward, however during this research we found several very interesting facts.

  • What is Evolving Software?

    Imagine a company that thinks a little differently than their competition. A company who developed a product for its clients, and allows the clients using their product to have direct input into new features and enhancements they would like to see developed.

  • Claims Technology Trends for 2006

    A look at how Virtual Claims Adjuster (VCA) is leading the trends, with its file management software.

  • Assisting CAT Teams

    We are pleased hearing feedback from our clients that they were able to increase their business quickly, smoothly, and efficiently, assigning temporary CAT team adjuster licenses to Virtual Claims Adjuster.