Virtual Claims Adjuster - The Most Simple and Complete Claims Software On The Market
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Our Claims Solution at a Glance

Virtual Claims Adjuster is a web based claims management software package. Our decision to utilize a web based interface was highly influenced by the obvious advantages of such an infrastructure, such as remote accessibility, single point maintenance, secure information source, scalable program model, mobile application options, and flexibility for storm and field work.

Interface Screen Layouts

In addition to claims software, we have had years of experience building applications and web based solutions for clients such as Lipton, Coldwell Banker, Nestle, Canadian Tire, and Woodbine Entertainment. These systems allowed our past clients to present information to their customers clearly; and allowed them to interact with customers like never before. The internet offers more to your business than one would think. The ability to work remotely or provide insurer live access only scratches the surface.  The possibilities with claims management software are endless.

Our decision to employ a web-based architecture also allowed for a more flexible interface. We would not be burdened with the limitations of windows or other operating systems. We had the ability to load data differently and present it to our users in a clear consistent manner.

We proved this fact with the claims screens. It was understood that you would be spending large amounts of time dealing with claims data. You would need to access information quickly and efficiently. One of the challenges with this claims management application was ensuring that the large amount of available information could be organized in a way that was easy to access, yet not overwhelming for the user.

A great deal of time was spent on the front end interface of Virtual Claims Adjuster, organizing the claims data model and breaking the business structure down into understandable chunks of information. The end result was a customizable tabbed interface approach that allows rapid access to all areas of the claim, in a well organized manner.

In addition to the obvious advantages of breaking a claim up into its common denominators and displaying the information accordingly. We added a dynamic menu system to access all other areas of the application from any screen. This would ensure that our users would never be lost in the system. They would always be able to navigate around Virtual Claims Adjuster easily.

In addition, we added dynamic context sensitive menus to provide you with the ability to perform quick actions that relate directly to the screen and data record that you are viewing at that moment in time. The context sensitive menu items assist the user by minimizing keystrokes by partially completing the task that you are about to complete.

After we had successfully created an easy to use claims screen and had used the same methodology to simplify the insurer information, the claims representative information, claimant information, and insured information, we then turned our sites at the task of data entry. Tools such as: template generation, easy invoice creation, claim reminders and messaging, automatic file notes, as well as portal communication between your office and your client make the data entry part of claims easier than ever before. There is continuous development being completed by our team to constantly evolve Virtual Claims Adjuster, to make processes easier and keep up with the industry's changing requirements.  It is a continuously evolving claims management solution.

We are aware that claims professionals and administrative positions are required to perform several actions quite quickly and in many cases need to not only view information in a list format but also need to add to that list quickly. There is no time to wait for pages to reload, or data to be slowly refreshed.

Because of this, we have developed several internal standards to ensure that while creating interfaces with these requirements, performance and usability are the most important task. Screens such as the claim file time log or global time log allow for rapid data entry without the wait time of many of our competitors.

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