Virtual Claims Adjuster - The Most Simple and Complete Claims Software On The Market
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Over the past 10 years Virtual Claims Adjuster has become more than just another Claims Management System. We have become a recognized brand among insurers, claims syndicates and business professionals worldwide.

Virtual Claims Adjuster represents traits and qualities that are sought after in today's market such as:

  • Measurable and manageable quality standards
  • High quality service levels
  • Reliable and scalable IT infrastructures
  • Adaptive processes that follow business needs
  • Accessible portal technology


".. It has become a known fact that claims professionals utilizing Virtual Claims Adjuster are capable of higher service levels, increased cost control, reduced manual errors and controlled claims handling procedures .."

These realities have helped our clients build lasting relationships, secure new business, and expand their businesses into new geographic regions. In addition, several major insurers have expressed great satisfaction and acknowledge the quality of service that clients who implement VCA provide.

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