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"Once taking the tour of Virtual Claims Adjuster, it became clear that this program would be a huge benefit to our company. We were very pleased at how easy it was to implement this program, we were up and running in 24 hours".  Mary, GA

“I really like the system and more importantly my clients think the portal is the best they have ever seen"    Rod, FL

"All of our offices easily adapted and welcomed this technology change. The support and development staff at VCA have been incredible to work with. It's been a very good investment for our firm"   Todd, TX

"I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying using Virtual Claims Adjuster. Our business has grown by 200% in 2 years. It was truly an answer to our needs"   Tom, CA

"After reviewing several systems we selected to use Virtual Claims Adjuster. My CAT adjusters and I love this system. The playing field is now level, we have the system and tools available that before only large firms could afford to build and use. The system uptime guarantee and system support exceeds every expectation we had. We look forward to a long and lasting relationship with Virtual Claims Adjuster".     Steve, TX

"Simply said this system we invested in 2001 has been a very good investment for our company".                      Ray, ON

"I've been in business since 1977 and Virtual Claims Adjuster is, by far, the best and most helpful innovation I've had the pleasure of using. What is most helpful is that it is a "living" feature and its continued enhancements keep us at the forefront of insurance adjusting and investigation. Simply put - It's Great"!   James, LA

"After my previous vendor "lost" 3 months of my data during a server upgrade and advised that their backups were not working correctly I decided enough was enough I was going on the hunt to find a new service provider.  I was impressed with the product Virtual Claims Adjuster, impressed with the client referrals I spoke to someone who used the product for over 8 years, and I am happy to say I am now a worry free client as I know Virtual Claims Adjuster has my data secure, thank you VCA"!   Keith, TN

"The program is more than I dreamed of.  It is just what we needed and has saved us an untold amount of time".    Tom, TX

 "….If I can go into a system after a 1 hour training session and know what I am doing, whizzing around the system, that's a good system".    Neil, NY

" I wanted you to know how much we are enjoying using Virtual Claims Adjuster, it is truly an answer to our needs"  Allan, BC

"After hours of demos we realized that we needed a system we could customize to suit our business processes.  The development staff at Virtual Claims Adjuster were very insightful, from client board meetings with our clients to do mock ups and changes this team was there to assist.  Thank you for all of your hard work, our staff is completely satisfied with our investment of Virtual Claims Adjuster now are prepared with tools not available to our competitors, now that is an advantage in itself"   Howard, UK

"Web based claims management using Virtual Claims Adjuster is exactly what my firm needed! Our previous claims management system was a windows-based application that constantly used up server space and system resources. Each time we replaced or reformatted a computer we needed to reinstall the application this claims management system requires no installation on our office computers. Beautiful!"   Jerry, AU

"Having been in the insurance claims industry for over 22 years at carrier and independent companies, I have been exposed to many claims management systems. Virtual Claims Adjuster is the most user friendly system I have ever used. The ease of the system relating to diary management, time log, document management, invoicing and alerting is only a few examples of my experience. My customer service representative at Virtual Claims Adjuster has been of great assistance he is always available and he has a real understanding of claims management".
  Sandi, CA


"My staff only needed minimal training to use Virtual Claims Adjuster, a good sign of how user friendly the product is".   Paul, NJ

"Before we went to Virtual Claims Adjuster (VCA), I easily spent hours a day correcting time on files and searching for files. I also spent 2 days a week getting payroll sorted out for my staff.  Now I run correct time entries on the fly and run payout reports within seconds.  All the extra time that I have now is put to streamlining our reports in VCA."   John, GA

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