Virtual Claims Adjuster - Our Goal is to Ensure oru Client's Success
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Our Team

VCA provides superior file management tools however, it is our team who delivers client satisfaction. Code Evolution employs a variety of groups that make up our VCA Team.

  • Software Developers with skills in all areas of software design and development
  • Business Analysts, their highly skilled backgrounds include working with many fortune 500 companies
  • Senior Claims Management Specialists, who work with individual clients worldwide to ensure their specific business needs are well understood and that their product selection is tailored to work within their business processes and procedures
  • Technology Support Staff, who promptly assist our worldwide client base with their questions, test new product features and tools within our evolving platforms
  • Marketing Specialists, who ensure that our products reach all the corners of the world, extending invitations to review our product online
  • Research Specialists, specializing in field research to ensure that the tools are in line with business trends and industry compliances


Our ties to various industry leaders across the globe and relationships with a range of organizations within the insurance sector allow us to stay on top of industry news and business trends.  In some cases we have advance notice of regulation changes that will affect our clients, giving us the ability to put preventative measures in place ensuring the software is adaptable.

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