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Although Virtual Claims Adjuster is an extremely intuitive application to use, we offer product training to our users to ease any concerns or confusion. Training these days comes in many forms:

  • Online train the trainer sessions
    Time is spent with key individuals within the organization. These individuals are typically very familiar with their internal processes and the day to day operations of the company. Our training provides them with instruction on both the administrative aspects of VCA as well as the user interface and best practices standards
  • Group webinar training sessions
    These sessions usually involve large groups of individuals who gather for an online meeting. These sessions will usually cover only the topics that concern the group involved. If the group is made up of general users, then the administrative topics would be covered separately.
  • Onsite training
    Live, in-person training sessions are also available to those requiring it. These sessions can be single, or multi day events and the curriculum is custom tailored to the company's training needs. 


Recently, we found a need to expand our training to encompass a more detailed review of VCA after the client has had a good deal of exposure to it. The service has been branded as our VCA University offering. VCA-U allows us a window of time to spend with our client’s representative discussing how they have implemented Virtual Claims Adjuster into their day to day business.

The goals of this program are as follows:

  • To highlight any features that could be utilized to further optimize their business
  • To enforce best practices, and ensure that the client is receiving full value from their technology investment
  • To review any entrenched processes that could be updated to utilize VCA
  • To highlight reporting and quality tracking features
  • To provide any additional focused training on VCA features or settings