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Return on Investment (ROI)

Return on Investment (ROI) analysis is an approach taken to evaluate and compare the company's return on their investment. With ROI, decision makers are able to determine the potential gains from a particular investment and make the decision on if they should move forward with the investment.  When a good ROI is achieved it means that the investment return is favorable compared to the cost of the investment. Many companies are using ROI analysis to build and maintain their successful businesses.

Return on Investment (ROI) Breakdown



Code Evolution's Business Analyst team conducted a case study on the ROI of our clients for the year 2008 and the results were remarkable. They found the average claims person spent about 1.8 hours of their day performing basic manual tasks such as locating files and/or documents, maintaining file activity logs, generating letters & acknowledgement reports, answering client inquiries, invoicing files, etc. Once the task of analyzing manual tasks in the claims industry was complete our business analysts calculated the average salary costs paid to employees to complete these redundant tasks. In particular they compared how clients using Virtual Claims Adjuster to operate their day to day claims business were able to cut back on their inefficiencies and were able to convert on average more than ½ of those inefficient hours into billable hours for the company. This resulted in an excellent return on investment for their companies, increasing their bottom line.

Not only did VCA pay for itself, it helped our clients tap into a revenue which would not have been attainable without a web based application. Virtual Claims Adjuster clients become more efficient, delivered a higher level of service and are able to take on more work without having to increase their overhead. 

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